34,772 new local COVID-19 cases reported in the Mainland, Guangdong Province has the most cases


2nd December 2022 – (Guangzhou) The National Health Commission announced on Friday that there were 34,772 new local COVID-19 cases in the Mainland two days ago. Among them, Guangdong Province had the most new cases with 7,792 cases, followed by Chongqing City with 6,536 new cases. The COVID-19 epidemic situation in Beijing has dropped slightly. On Thursday, there were 3,968 new local cases, of which 274 were discovered through social screening. The Beijing COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Working Group meeting held on the same day stated that according to the new situation, prevention and control work should be carried out in different areas, levels and categories. The working group emphasised that while effectively blocking the epidemic transmission chain, it also proposed to adjust and improve the epidemic prevention and control work according to the time and situation. In terms of ensuring the medical needs of citizens, the Municipal Health Commission requires medical and health institutions at all levels and of all types not to refuse entry to patients who have no 48-hour negative nucleic acid test results and to select appropriate areas according to the actual situation of the institution to conduct supplementary antigen testing for the above-mentioned patients.

Nucleic acid testing is exempted for infants and young children under the age of 3, and only the nucleic acid certificate of the accompanying person is checked. For critically ill patients, medical institutions shall not refuse diagnosis or delay treatment due to no nucleic acid results. As of midnight on Friday, there were 94,086 confirmed and asymptomatic cases in Chongqing. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of the city held an enlarged meeting on Thursday, calling for continuous improvements in anti-epidemic measures such as diagnosis, testing, admission, and isolation. At the press conference on Wednesday, Chongqing City proposed to gradually open up the central urban area.