34 year old suspect finally arrested for shooting another man in Sham Shui Po last Friday


15th April 2019 – (Hong Kong) At 4pm today, police finally arrested a 34 year old local suspect named Yang in Kowloon City for shooting the 33 year old mainland Chinese, Law, in Sham Shui Po last Friday.

Meanwhile, the injured Law has been charged for possession of prohibited weapon. After conducting initial investigations, police have established the cause of the dispute. The assailant, Yang, apparently cheated Law at his fishing game gambling den by winning HK$4,000 using a jammer device. Law subsequently exposed Yang for cheating and refused to pay him for the winnings. Feeling disgruntled and armed with a homemade gun, the vengeful Yang and his accomplice decided to look for Law on last Friday. They stumbled upon Law in the streets of Sham Shui Po and he was shot in the arm during the ruckus.

Another 29 year old suspect, Tse, was arrested in Yau Ma Tei on Sunday for causing bodily harm as accomplice to Yang. On the same day, police also arrested two more women aged 32 and 44 years old respectively for possession of counterfeit guns. The 44 year old woman is the girlfriend of the assailant, Yang, while the 32 year old woman is his friend. Two counterfeit guns were found from an apartment unit in Sham Shui Po. Three of them are now currently under detention to facilitate investigations.

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