33-year-old violin teacher found guilty of molesting young student, 21-month prison sentence imposed

Insert picture: Kwan Chun-yin

25th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 33-year-old violin teacher, Kwan Chun-yin, has been found guilty of molesting a young female student, referred to as X, on multiple occasions during violin lessons held at her home. The incidents took place between May 2017 and August 2020, when X was between six and nine years old. Kwan was charged with three counts of molestation, but only two of the charges were upheld in court, leading to a 21-month prison sentence.

X had been studying the violin with Kwan at a private music centre since the age of four. During lessons at her home, Kwan allegedly pulled X onto his lap and used his fingers to touch her private parts in a manner described as resembling playing the piano. He also played music on his mobile phone as a timer. Shockingly, Kwan did not wash his hands after committing the alleged acts and continued teaching the violin. X stated that she was subjected to similar abuse three times in total, with the final incident leading to her reporting the matter to her mother and subsequently the police.

During the trial, Kwan denied all allegations of molestation, claiming that he occasionally gave X sweets and that he would adjust her hand and waist positions to correct her violin playing posture. However, video evidence presented in court showed X resisting Kwan’s actions and attempting to leave the room, but being prevented from doing so by Kwan. The judge found that Kwan had violated X’s trust and displayed a lack of remorse, leading to the guilty verdict.

X’s mother expressed her relief at the verdict and called for parents to be vigilant about the safety of their children during extracurricular activities. She also spoke about the impact that the abuse had on her daughter, causing her to experience fear and sleeplessness. X’s mother hopes that her daughter can receive the necessary support to overcome the trauma.