33-year-old man slashed by 2 others in Kwai Fong Estate, suspects’ vehicle burned 6 hours later

Kwai Fong Carpark

2nd December 2022 – (Hong Kong) At around 11.40pm yesterday, a man surnamed Wong (33 years old) and his girlfriend were preparing to pick up their car in a parking lot in Kwai Fong Estate when a black 7-seater vehicle suddenly drove up to them. 2 persons armed with knives on board jumped out of the vehicle and pursued the victim. His girlfriend was traumatised over the incident. The man’s right arm and calf were injured after being slashed.

The 2 suspects fled the scene immediately and one of the vehicle’s doors was damaged and fell off after hitting a concrete curb. The injured victim ran to a restaurant in Kwai Kin House 50 meters away to seek help. The staff and customers panicked when they saw the injured victim. Some staff reported the case to police and bandaged the injured to stop the bleeding. The victim had a wound of about 7 cm on his arm, and the paramedics arrived at the scene to bandage him and sent him to the hospital.

The police sealed off the parking lot for investigation, and the injured man’s girlfriend was not injured and was present to assist in the investigation. After investigation, the police classified the case as wounding and handed it over to the Criminal Investigation Team of Kwai Tsing Police District for follow-up. They are looking for a local man with a height of about 1.7 meters and a South Asian man with a height of about 1.8 meters.

More than 6 hours later, the police received reports that a 7-seater vehicle caught fire near the BBQ pit at Wo Yi Hop Village on Shing Mun Road in Tsuen Wan. The firefighters arrived at the scene and put out chemical foam to put out the fire. During the police investigation, they found that the left door of the vehicle was missing. It was initially believed to be related to case earlier.