33-year-old former Miss HK 1st runner-up Sisley Choi overcomes negative criticism

    Sisley Choi

    27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In 2013, Sisley Choi, aged 33, secured the first runner-up position in the Miss Hong Kong pageant and quickly rose to fame under the support of TVB. Within just seven years of entering the industry, she claimed the highly coveted title of TV Queen. However, throughout her career, Choi has been plagued by a series of romantic rumours. Despite her strong appeal to the opposite sex, her involvement with Shing Mak was the only publicly acknowledged relationship. There were even speculations that she interfered with the marriage of Vincent Wong and Yoyo Chen, which has affected her popularity among viewers.

    In recent years, Choi has ventured into the mainland Chinese market, actively engaging with fans through social media platforms. She shares video clips showcasing her expressions during her regular dieting routines, captivating viewers with her adorable and alluring charm. Surprisingly, Choi managed to overturn negative perceptions and has received an outpouring of admiration from netizens.