32nd Food Expo kicks off today, visitors queue overnight to buy 150 cans of abalones at HK$1 each


11th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) The 32nd Food Expo will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for 5 consecutive days from today. During the period, there will also be a Home Delights Expo, a Beauty and Wellness Expo, and a Tea Expo held simultaneously. However, due to the epidemic, no food tasting arrangements will be provided on site. Before the opening this morning, there were already many visitors and senior citizens queuing to enter the venue.

There were even citizens who had started to queue overnight. The goal was to buy 150 cans of ready-to-eat abalones at HK$1 each. The last event was won by 2 ladies. Many citizens brought shopping carts with them and budgeted to spend more than HK$1,000 to buy mooncakes and other food to prepare for the Autumn festival. The exhibition officially opened at 10am and a group of people who had been waiting in line for a long time quickly entered the venue.