32-year-old former beauty queen Grace Chan explores Filipino cuisine and language skills with domestic helper


    22nd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In 2018, Grace Chan, the former Hong Kong beauty queen, tied the knot with actor Kevin Cheng. Since then, they have swiftly expanded their family, welcoming three children in just four years. Grace has also embraced her role as a wife and Key Opinion Leader (KOL), often sharing her cooking experiences. Recently, she demonstrated her culinary prowess by delving into the world of Filipino cuisine.

    In a recent video, Grace Chan showcased her eagerness to learn how to cook a popular Filipino dish, Beef Brisket Soup, by enlisting the help of her Filipino domestic helper. Not only did Grace master the art of cooking the dish, but she also endeavoured to learn the Filipino language from her helper. While she took charge of the cooking process, including seasoning the beef and sautéing the ingredients, other tasks such as washing the beef and pouring water into the pot were kindly handled by her helper. Grace skillfully combined the ingredients in the pot and let them simmer to perfection. After tasting the beef brisket soup, Grace expressed her satisfaction with its delicious flavour. Some netizens jokingly commented, “When celebrities cook, others prepare the ingredients, and they just stir the pot.”

    Despite the assistance she received, it was evident from the video that Grace Chan shared a warm rapport with her domestic helper. They engaged in cheerful conversations and appeared at ease in each other’s company. Grace’s helper willingly taught her the art of cooking, and in return, Grace invited her helper to join her in front of the camera. Grace even praised her helper’s beef brisket soup, appreciating its delectable taste. It is evident that the harmonious relationship between Grace Chan and her domestic helper contributes to their successful collaboration in the kitchen.