31-year-old operator of rehabilitation centre in Central sentenced to 9 months in prison for sexual assault 

Hong Kong Jewellery Building

12th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A man running a rehabilitation centre in Central under the guise of providing sports therapy has been convicted of sexually assaulting two female clients. The disturbing incidents involved the perpetrator pulling down the victims’ underwear during massages, exposing their buttocks, and repeatedly touching their intimate areas with the back of his hand, claiming to assist them in achieving “complete relaxation.” Furthermore, after his arrest, he attempted to coerce the victims into retracting their accusations. Today (12th), the man, identified as 31-year-old Cheng Ka-sing, was sentenced to 9 months in prison by interim magistrate Shirley Ko at the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts.

Cheng Ka Sing stood accused of committing the offences between 10th and 11th November, 2022, at the pain treatment and rehabilitation centre located on the 7th floor of Hong Kong Jewellery Building on Queen’s Road Central. He faced charges of sexual assault against two individuals, referred to as X and Y, as well as an additional charge of obstructing justice, which he allegedly committed on 28th November of the same year.

During the trial, the presiding magistrate highlighted the severity of the offences committed by Cheng. The defendant touched and swept the victims’ intimate areas multiple times, followed by a final slap on one of the victims’ buttocks before they left the room. The gravity of the case was accentuated by the absence of any other individuals present in the room at the time of the incidents. Notably, Cheng’s actions violated the trust placed in him as a therapist and constituted a breach of professional ethics. Regarding the charge of obstructing justice, the magistrate noted that although it involved only a single WhatsApp message and did not involve any violence, it posed a challenge to the principles of a lawful society. However, due to the focus of the charges being on sexual assault offences, which were deemed to carry a certain level of severity, Cheng was ultimately sentenced to a total of 9 months in prison.