31-year-old male police officer arrested for allegedly stealing HK$4,000 from male customer when providing sexual services


23rd May 2022 – (Hong Kong) A 31-year-old male police officer was suspected of providing sexual services as a part-time male prostitute. He has been in the police force for about 7 years and is now a uniformed patrol officer. A 45-year-old male victim is reported to be businessman and he paid tens of thousand to the police officer every month. At 9pm last night (22nd), the police officer met a regular customer in a hotel room in Yau Ma Tei, and was suspected of providing sexual services. However, during a dispute between the two parties, the male policeman allegedly took about HK$4,000 in cash from the other party and left, and the regular customer tried to stop him. About two hours later, a regular customer called the police for help. The police arrived at the scene, and after questioning and confirming the photos shown by the victim, as well as reviewing the CCTV footage, they found the police officer at 2am today (23rd).

During the period, investigators found a wallet containing about HK$2,000 in cash in the male police locker. It is unknown whether it is related to the crime. The case was handed over to the Kowloon West Regional Crime Squad for follow-up, and the male policeman was arrested on suspicion of theft at 10am and detained for investigation. According to sources, some claimed that the two were in a relationship, but there was a financial dispute. A police spokesman pointed out that the police officer has been suspended and reiterated that he attaches great importance to the conduct of officers. It is also reported that the police officer involved was also accused of raping a woman in January last year. At that time, he was stationed in the Tactical Unit of the West Kowloon Region. He rented a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui with his girlfriend during the holiday, and was later accused of rape by the other party. Four months after the police investigation, the girlfriend was charged with one count of “misleading a police officer”, and the male policeman was reinstated in May last year.