30-year-old singer and actress flaunts seductive photos in red lingerie on Lunar New Year

    Rainky Wai

    11th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Rainky Wai Yue-Sam, the 30-year-old singer and actress, made headlines last year when she announced her official contract with TVB had come to an end. Since then, she has been dedicating her time to managing her own beauty brand and frequently shares glimpses of her daily life on social media. Embracing the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year, Rainky recently took to Instagram to showcase herself in a stunning red lingerie ensemble. In her caption, she wrote, “On the first day of the Lunar New Year, instead of turnip cake and rice cake, I received red lingerie from my brand. Isn’t it a tradition to wear new underwear for the New Year? Ps. After much contemplation on how to pose, I captured my toned abs. Not bad. Wishing everyone peace in the world.”

    In the photos, Rainky can be seen wearing a vibrant red lingerie set that highlights her enviable curves and well-defined abs. Known for her dedication to fitness, Rainky has always maintained a fit physique and has never shied away from flaunting her figure. In recent years, Rainky has ventured into the beauty industry, becoming a successful businesswoman. Rumours have circulated about her involvement with the son of a wealthy Malaysian billionaire, and she has invested nearly a million dollars with friends in the beauty product business, specialising in women’s health and beauty products. In 2022, she expanded her business further by opening a medical aesthetics centre.

    With her growing success, Rainky has become a small fortune in the entertainment industry. She frequently showcases her extravagant lifestyle on social media and has even moved into a spacious 2,500-square-foot independent house with her family. Rainky often posts pictures of herself enjoying the outdoor swimming pool and inviting friends to her luxurious home. The high ceilings, expansive living room, and large-scale leather sofas and marble dining table exude an air of opulence. Rainky also practices yoga frequently in her home and her master bedroom’s walk-in closet is a sight to behold, filled with designer handbags from renowned brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, estimated to be worth over a million dollars.