27-year-old ex-air-stewardess hangs herself in fitness centre in Wah Fung Industrial Centre in Kwai Chung (Updated: 8pm)


11th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) At about 3pm today (11th), a 27-year-old woman was found hanging herself at a unit at Wah Fung Industrial Centre, 33 Kwai Fung Street, Kwai Chung and she was immediately relieved by her boyfriend today. Police were informed of the suicide. The paramedics arrived at the scene and sent the female victim to the hospital for rescue. Unfortunately, she died subsequently. The police found a suicide note at the scene and sources confirmed that she was troubled by relationship issues. The victim was an ex-stewardess of Cathay Pacific who lost her job due to the epidemic.

It was discovered at the scene of the incident that the fitness centre was temporarily used as a warehouse for storing fitness equipment. It has not been officially operated as a fitness room. The monthly rent is about HK$13,000.

In August last year, she met a man through a social media app. The two parties subsequently developed to become a couple. The fitness room is owned by the victim’s boyfriend and his partner.

The female victim used to work out there and met her boyfriend from time to time.

Recently, she accidentally discovered that her boyfriend already had a girlfriend, and she was shocked to become a third party without any knowledge. Last night (10th) she went to the fitness centre alone and used an aerial yoga strap to hang herself until she was discovered today.

If you have suicidal tendencies or depression, please call the 24-hour multi-lingual hotline at The Samaritans Hong Kong : 28960000.