30 supporters show up in front of high court to show solidarity for young woman named ‘K’ who ruptured her eye during judicial review


12th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) After police obtained a search warrant to extract the medical report from the Hospital Authority with regards to the incident where a young woman ruptured her right eye on 11th August, she applied to High CCourt today for judicial review to stop police from proceeding further via her lawyer. Around 30 supporters turned up at the court to show solidarity for her. The court has concealed her identity and used ‘K’ as her name.

However, many civilians were sceptical and questioned her motive of filing the judicial review. Many actually asked, ‘What is she actually hiding from?’ She repeatedly stopped the police from extracting the report on several occasions resulting in many doubts in her. Many expressed that if she was indeed shot by bean bag rounds, she would have revealed her medical condition in a press conference since pro-democracy protesters like to expose police brutality in public.