30 senior staff and employees linked to Three Runway System project arrested by ICAC for accepting bribes, 4 Airport Authority personnel suspended


18th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A spokesman for the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) confirmed today (18th) that the ICAC conducted an enforcement operation in the past two days and arrested a few personnel hired the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) on a short-term basis. They include “Three Runway System” project manager, a Principal Senior Manager, a Senior Manager and a Senior Works Inspector, as well as 26 staff and other persons employed by engineering contractors and sub-contractors, the arrested persons are aged 27 to 77 involving 3 females and 27 males.

They are suspected of engaging in corruption via assisting in awarding works and materials supply contracts, as well as related administrative and financial arrangements. Those arrested have been released on bail pending further investigation. As the corruption investigation is still ongoing, it is inappropriate for the ICAC to comment further.

During the operation, ICAC officers searched the residences and offices of the persons involved, and seized some suspected evidence, including cash, expensive watches, wine bottles and gold coins. The ICAC earlier received a corruption complaint alleging that AA staff were suspected of taking advantage of their authority to receive benefits while participating in the “Three-Runway System” project, and an investigation was launched. The CCAC’s investigation revealed that in the past few years, the above-mentioned chief senior manager of the AA had several cash deposits suspected to be bribes totalling several million Hong Kong dollars in the bank accounts. The investigation also found that the four AA officers were suspected of accepting hospitality from the contractors and sub-contractors in various restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainment venues on multiple occasions. The AA provided full assistance during the ICAC investigation.