3 South Asians responsible for wreaking havoc during opening night of Cafe No.2 in Tai Hang arrested


5th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) Member of local boy band ‘Bird Of Paradise’, Gordon Ip and his friend jointly open a cafe named No.2 located on the ground floor of No. 4 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang, Happy Valley. At about 8pm on the opening night of last Thursday (2nd), three South Asians holding hammers broke in the cafe to wreak havoc, and snatched the phone of a male employee surnamed Lau (28 years old). The fridge, coffee machines and other fittings in the cafe were damaged.

After investigation by police, the three South Asian men (aged 16 to 24) were arrested on suspicion of “criminal damage” and “theft” on the day after the incident (3rd).

The Bird Of Paradise was active from 2014 until its disbandment in March 2021, after which Gordon expanded into the TV and film industry.