3-seater sofa floats unsightly in Tai Po River


15th March 2019 – (Hong Kong) A 3 seater sofa was seen floating unsightly in Tai Po River opposite Kwong Fuk Estate this morning. A passerby who saw it took several pictures and uploaded on social media. River is not a dumping site for unwanted objects especially a sofa of this size as it could post danger to boats and harm the environment.

Picture credit : 余優雅詩
Picture credit: 余優雅詩‎

Before the 1970s, Tai Po River flowed straight into Tolo Harbour near Tai Po Market Station. However, due to the pressing need for development land in the then new town of Tai Po, land was reclaimed, and the Tai Po River lengthened northwards to flow into the Lam Tsuen River before it enters Tolo Harbour.

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