3 police officers charged for allegedly having sex with 15-year-old girl, case to appear in Shatin Magistrates’ Courts today


11th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) A 15-year-old girl met 4 men through a dating app at the end of last year and even had sex with them. Sources revealed that the girl had a dispute with one of her boyfriends and was coerced into sexual intercourse. After learning about the incident, a social worker suspected that someone had sex with the underage girl, so she assisted the girl to report to the police at the end of February this year. On 14th March this year, the victim, accompanied by an adult and clinical psychologist, went to the police station to take a statement. The police immediately launched an investigation and revealed that four off-duty male police officers were suspected of being involved in the case, and they were arrested on 15th March. They have been suspended and put under investigation.

The case will appear in Shatin Magistrates’ Courts today (11th) morning. Another 27-year-old arrested man has been released unconditionally after investigation and legal advice, but the arrested man will continue to be suspended pending an internal police disciplinary review. The Police stressed that the Police Force attaches great importance to the conduct of its officers, and the Police Force will not tolerate or condone any illegal acts committed by any officer.