3-metre shark spotted again in Sai Kung today (video)


28th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) A 3-metre shark was spotted recently near Basalt Island and Sai Kung. A video was even shared in WhatsApp group.

At 5.30pm today, a crew member on a boat captured the picture of the shark in Sai Kung. Swimmers have been warned not to swim outside the net area in Sai Kung.

Despite the presence of the shark, many yacht owners were unperturbed by the incident and many continued to swim and carried out watersports in the open sea.

This picture was captured at 5.30pm today.

WWF Senior Conservation Director (Sustainable Development) Lai said that the black shark appeared in the clip usually appears alone. Similar species are commonly found in the Indian Pacific, Australia, Japan, and in Hong Kong.

In the past two months, the people of Hong Kong have discovered another shark called Scoliodon sorrakowah which is more common in Hong Kong. Generally, they will appear in a group, but they are not aggressive. Lai reminded the public that if they see a shark while swimming, they should pay attention to the direction of the shark and then slowly swim away. The shark will not actively attack people, but if it feels attacked or threatened, it will turn hostile.