3 men involved in drug-fuelled sex party in Happy Valley hotel room, one fatally overdoses, another assumes deceased’s identity and sentenced to 82 months in prison


15th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Three men engaged in a drug-fueled sex party in a hotel room in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, where one individual suspected of consuming an excessive amount of the illicit substance known as “G Water” tragically died from an overdose. Another man, who was present at the scene, later reported the incident but was wanted for unrelated charges. To evade capture, he stole the deceased’s identity and assumed his persona. Law enforcement authorities, unaware of the identity swap, arrested him on drug-related charges. It was only during the “fingerprinting” process two days later that the identity exchange was discovered. Additionally, another individual who had been present at the hotel was apprehended, and drugs including crystal methamphetamine and G Water were found at his residence. Both individuals pleaded guilty to charges of obstructing justice and drug trafficking, among other offenses. They were sentenced to 82 and 76 months of imprisonment by the High Court judge today.

The judge deemed the defendants’ actions in obstructing justice as foolish, as their falsehoods were bound to be exposed. Regarding the drug charges, the involvement of multiple types of illicit substances was considered an aggravating factor for sentencing. The two defendants, Mok Chi-ho (36 years old, a transporter) and Lam Chi-tak (39 years old, a salesperson), were each charged with one count of drug trafficking and one count of drug possession. Mok faced an additional charge of obstructing justice, to which both defendants pleaded guilty. Mok was sentenced to 82 months in prison, while Lam received a 76-month sentence. Mok had a prior criminal record consisting of 20 charges, including drug possession and theft, and was already wanted for drug possession and theft at the time of the incident. Lam had six previous cases related to the distribution of date rape drugs.

According to the details of the case, on the evening of 17th April 2021, law enforcement and paramedics responded to a report of an unconscious person in a hotel room in Happy Valley. Mok Chi-ho was present in the room at the time. Paramedics confirmed the individual’s death, and when questioned by the authorities, Mok falsely identified himself as Chan Chi-chung, claiming that the deceased was Mok Chi-ho. He presented identification documents belonging to both individuals and subsequently put on a mask. A small amount of crystal methamphetamine and G Water were discovered in the room, leading to Mok’s arrest on drug possession charges. Over the next two days, investigators interviewed Mok, who confessed to having jointly rented a hotel room in Causeway Bay with the deceased. During a search of the room, approximately 8.6 grams of crystal methamphetamine and 109 grams of G Water were found. Mok further revealed that he met the deceased on a gay website, and they subsequently became a couple. On the day of the incident, Mok engaged in sexual activities with his friend, known as Ah K, at the Happy Valley hotel, during which he asked Lam Chi-tak to inject crystal methamphetamine into their bodies using a syringe. After Lam left, Ah K invited the deceased to the room, and they engaged in sexual activities together.