3 injured during scuffle at restaurant near Florence Mansion in Tuen Mun


6th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 2.15am today (6th), the police received a report from a woman, saying that several friends and her were pursued and assaulted by nearly 30 men, some of whom were holding hard objects at a restaurant near Florence Mansion, 6 Tsing Ling Path in Tuen Mun.

A large number of police officers rushed to the scene, and the group immediately dispersed, leaving behind 3 men with injuries to the head, shoulders, hands and feet. Three of them, Leung (22 years old) who sustained head injuries and fell into coma, Chao (41 years old) and Cheung (39 years old) were rushed to Tuen Mun Hospital by ambulance for treatment.

Blood stains and messy debris were left around the scene, as well as several tattered umbrellas, broken umbrella handles, etc. The police blocked the scene for investigation searched nearby. Unfortunately, no suspects were intercepted. The police learned about the incident from the woman who reported the incident.

According to sources, the woman, the 2 injured men (Cheung and Leung) had a late night meal at a restaurant nearby. Chao is a staff member of the restaurant. A scuffle broke out between them and more people were summoned to the scene to engage in a physical fight. Police now classify the case as “wounding” and it was handed over to Tuen Mun Police for further investigation.