3 including 1 suspected robber arrested, 2 vehicles seized in HK$10m Watch Robbery at TST’s RWW Watch Company, stolen items still missing

Asst Dist Commander (Crime) (Yau Tsim), Kowloon West Regional Headquarters Yau Tsim District - Gar Kam-lam

28th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Last Saturday, four South Asian men wearing black clothes and carrying knives, robbed a luxury second-hand watch store “RWW Watch Company” on the second floor of the CKE shopping mall at 36 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. The robbers then escaped in a Black Toyota Alphard parked on Nathan Road.

Police officers later discovered a suspected vehicle in Sham Shui Po, which had been to the crime scene earlier. Police traced the information according to the vehicle and one 30-year-old Indian, two Pakistani men, aged 37 and 43 respectively, were arrested in Sham Shui Po and Sheung Shui on 26th and 27th March. One of them was found with the car key, believed to be the driver and owner of the private car used for the crime. One of them also holds recognizance paper.

During the robbery, 2 of the men wore helmets, reflective clothing, gloves and wigs. The stolen watches, of which the most expensive was worth over HK$500,000, have yet to be recovered.

According to Assistant District Commander (Crime) of Yau Tsim District, Gar Kam-lam during the press conference held this afternoon, the four men entered the store at around 3.30 pm on 25th March. After robbing 46 watches, a mobile phone, and a small amount of cash, they fled in a black seven-seater car along Nathan Road towards Salisbury Road, then onto Kowloon Park Drive, and finally into Lin Cheung Road towards West Kowloon Highway.

Investigators from the Yau Tsim District Serious Crime Squad found that in addition to the seven-seater car, another black Toyota private car was also present at the scene before the robbery. The two cars were later found parked in Tsuen Wan, and the robbers’ car was discovered in Kam Tin. Police also seized the helmets, reflective clothing, gloves, and wigs worn by the robbers.

The two Pakistani men arrested are believed to be the owner and driver of the Toyota private car. The Indian man is believed to be one of the robbers. All three claimed to be unemployed, a businessman, and a construction worker, and their ages range from 30 to 43 years old.

Of the 46 watches stolen, 45 were Rolex watches, and one was a Patek Philippe, with a total value of over HK$10 million.