3 families who live on different floors in the same apartment block in Guangzhou infected with novel coronavirus


12th February 2020 – (Guangzhou) Two patients from different floors at Hong Mei House, Cheung Hong Estate in Tsing Yi were infected with novel coronavirus yesterday. As the 62-year-old female patient of the 42nd case announced two days ago and the 75-year-old male patient of the 12th case confirmed on 30th January both reside at the 07 unit on different floors in Hong Mei House, Cheung Hong Estate, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) has proactively followed up to investigate whether the infections of the two cases are related. Officials from CHP disinfected the building yesterday and residents from the same block were sent to four quarantine centres for medical observation.

Poly Grand Mansion, Yuejiang Middle Road in Haizhu District.
Poly Grand Mansion, Yuejiang Middle Road in Haizhu District.

Meanwhile, in Guangzhou, a similar incident happened at an apartment block at the luxurious Poly Grand Mansion, Yuejiang Middle Road in Haizhu District. A family who lives in Unit 1502, Block 18 of the apartment escaped after they were tested positive for novel coronavirus. They recently returned from Hubei province. Authorities subsequently located them. On 31st January and 9th February respectively, two other different families from Unit 2502 and Unit 2702 were also tested positive for the virus. Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention has disinfected the entire building and they have begun commencing tests on other residents of the same block.

However, at 5pm yesterday, the building management demanded all residents of 02 to proceed to Tian Yue Business Hotel nearby to quarantine themselves. At 7.30pm yesterday, another notice was issued by the building management to demand all residents of the entire block to quarantine themselves at the same hotel. Many residents were aggrieved by the move as they argued that the hotel would not be safer than the apartment block. They suspected that the three families could have contracted the virus from the elevator or common area in the apartment. They were sceptical that the virus was transmitted through the faeces via waste pipe system in the building similar to Hong Mei House in Hong Kong.

Residents stood outside the apartment to understand the situation.
Police were on standby outside Grand Mansion.

At 10.30pm yesterday, 64 families out of 83 families at the apartment block refused to quarantine themselves in the hotel. The remaining 19 units were unoccupied. Authorities sent several coaches to wait for the residents while police, residents and building management staff were in a standoff.

Also, in Clifford Estates, Shiguang Road, Panyu, Guangzhou where many Hongkongers live, 9 residents were tested positive for novel coronavirus. All of them visited Hubei before. All of them were sent to isolation ward in the designated hospital. The surrounding areas in the housing estates were disinfected by the building management.