3.5km Kat O Heritage Trail opens today to visitors


23rd September 2021 – (Hong Kong)  To mark the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) today opened the Kat O Heritage Trail in collaboration with Kat O village, further promoting the history, culture and intangible cultural heritage of Kat O and offering an in-depth travel experience to visitors.

“The Kat O Heritage Trail was planned on the existing footpath, with 27 interpretation panels along the route. The trail connects many important historical and cultural relics, guiding visitors in exploring different attractions on the island for a better understanding of Kat O,” an AFCD spokesman said.

 Visitors may visit an old Chinese restaurant and grocery store on Kat O Main Street to learn about the past prosperity of the island. A walk past old banyan trees where villagers used to take a rest is featured, while at a former pig farm, terraces, an outdoor cinema and a school, visitors may gain a view of the lifestyle of the villagers in the old days. A more in-depth understanding of Kat O’s long history is warranted by a visit to Kat O Tin Hau Temple and Sai O Hexagonal Well. In addition, visitors may enjoy the fascinating scenery of the Double Haven from Ko Tei Teng and Ko Pang Teng along the trail, overlooking the vista of Ap Chau and Yantian, Shenzhen.

The interpretation panels are installed on existing signposts or railings along the heritage trail or near relevant scenic spots. Visitors can read the text introduction or scan the QR code on the panels and login to the audio guide webpage of the Kat O Heritage Trail to listen to villagers and geopark guides telling stories about the island. The webpage also features historical photos and information on all the interpretation panels for visitors.

Located in northeastern New Territories waters, Kat O is a harmonious community built by fishermen and Hakkas hand in hand. The AFCD assisted Kat O village to establish the Kat O Story Room in 2019 and published “The Lucky Harbour.Kat O” last year to promote the history and culture of Kat O. This year, the AFCD co-operated with Kat O village again in planning the Kat O Heritage Trail, bringing its attractions and stories to visitors through text, photographs and audio guides.

The spokesman encouraged participants to bring their own water bottles and towels before visiting Kat O to avoid using one-off disposables, and to take away their litter to help maintain the nature of Kat O and help promote the sustainable development of the community while enjoying local green tourism.

For details of the Kat O Heritage Trail, please visit www.geopark.gov.hk/en/en_s2p06.htm.