2nd meeting on anti-epidemic work of the Mainland and HK to be held in Shenzhen this Thursday to facilitate quarantine-free border reopening


23rd November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive Carrie Lam met with reporters before attending the Executive Council meeting this morning.

Carrie Lam said yesterday that she received a notice from the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office that the second meeting on the anti-epidemic work of the Mainland and Hong Kong will be held in Shenzhen this Thursday. The Hong Kong delegates will be led by Chief Secretary for Administration.

Lam also pointed out that to achieve quarantine-free border reopening with mainland and international countries, the vaccination rate will still have to rise sharply. She hopes to see an increase in the vaccination rate of students and create conditions for the early resumption of full-time classes and extracurricular activities after age group for CoronaVac vaccination was recently lowered.

Lam said that around 30 national athletes from the Tokyo Olympics will visit Hong Kong from the 3rd to 5th next month, including Olympic table tennis gold medalist Ma Long and men’s 100-meter runner Su Bingtian.

She added that she will leave Hong Kong for an overseas visit on Sunday and go to Wuhan, Hubei, to discuss high-level cooperation mechanisms with other government officials.

Meanwhile, she also hinted that polling stations for the upcoming Legislative Council election will be set up at several closed border ports, in other words, excluding the Shenzhen Bay Port that is currently in use, Hong Kong residents living in the Mainland can vote at these polling stations, adopting a closed-loop operation, and returning to the mainland on the same day after voting.

John Lee. On 26th September, a meeting was hosted by Deputy Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council (HKMAO), Mr Huang Liuquan. The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr John Lee, led representatives of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to attend the meeting and had detailed exchanges with Mainland representatives on the strategies to prevent and fight the virus and studying the resumption of quarantine-free travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong in a gradual and orderly manner. Experts of both sides candidly exchanged views on and examined the possible risks after resumption of quarantine-free travel.