2°C recorded in Ta Kwu Ling and Pak Tam Chung this morning


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The cold winter monsoon is affecting southern China. In Hong Kong, the temperature in the urban area dropped to 12 degrees Celsius or below this morning (14th). The temperature in Ta Kwu Ling and Pak Tam Chung dropped even more to around 2 degrees Celsius. The cold weather warning is now in effect and the fire hazard warning is red, indicating that the fire hazard is extremely high. The temperature is mainly fine with temperatures rising in the next couple of days, but still cool in the morning. It will become cold again on Sunday and temperature will drop to 10 degrees Celsius on Monday. Some rain in the middle and latter parts of next week forecasted.

The winter monsoon now bringing cold weather to Guangdong will moderate in the next couple of days. Temperatures will rise over the region. Another surge of the winter monsoon will affect southern China early next week. The weather will become cold again over the region. A cloud band is expected to bring rainy weather to the south China coast in the middle and latter parts of next week.