294 COVID-19 cases recorded in HK, outbreak at snooker centre in Hung Hom and 6 more cases of Omicron variants discovered


12th May 2022 – (Hong Kong)  Dr. Chuang Shuk-kwan from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health announced at 4.30pm today that there were 294 COVID-19 cases today comprising 131 confirmed via nucleic acid tests and 149 cases confirmed via Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) online declaration platform. 40 of the cases were imported today. 18 of them were detected via nucleic acid tests while 22 of them were detected via Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT). 6 passengers arrived yesterday and 6 of them arrived two days ago. Meanwhile, 23 cases were found in quarantine hotels.

Hung Hom Sun Mong Snooker Centre

There is a suspected outbreak at Hung Hom Sun Mong Snooker Centre, Ma Tau Wai, Hung Hom. Four patients visited the venue at the same time, and more than 150 people need to be tested.

4 of the imported cases were detected via nucleic acid tests, including an 11-year-old who arrived in Hong Kong via Singapore from Thailand on 28th April. He was diagnosed in Thailand before 9th April, and the CT value was high. Another 25-year-old man arrived in Hong Kong from Australia on 29th April. He was diagnosed on 23rd March and had a high CT value. He was also a suspected case of a re-infection.

Another 46-year-old woman arrived in Hong Kong from Indonesia with a CT value of 36. All three of them were suspected to be re-infection cases. The remaining 20-year-old man arrived in Hong Kong from the United States on 29th April. On 10th May, the CT value was found to be 23, which is suspected to be a local case. The CHP suspected that he and another infected person went to Hung Hom Sun Mong Snooker Centre to play snooker. At least 2 other infected have also visited the venue i.e. a 23-year-old man who was diagnosed on 11th May and another 40-year-old man who was diagnosed on 10th May. At present, there are at least 4 confirmed cases. There were more than 150 people who visited the venue from 5pm to 12am midnight on 9th May, hence compulsory testing is required.

A total of 1,195,034 COVID-19 cases have been recorded since the beginning of the fifth wave.

Among the newly 131 confirmed cases via nucleic acid tests today, 28 were confirmed by the Hospital Authority, another 18 were confirmed by the Public Health Laboratory Service of the Department of Health and the remaining 85 were directly confirmed by private laboratories or community testing centres.

Among the 53 cases tested, there was no case that involved Delta variant. 52 of the cases involved Omicron variant while 1 case could not be ascertained due to low viral load.

4 more cases involving Omicron BA.2.12.1 were found during genome sequencing. 3 of them were detected at the airport between 30th April and 7th May (1 arrived from Netherlands, 2 arrived from U.S.) A total of 11 cases were recorded so far.

2 more cases involving Omicron BA.4 were also found.

A total of 14 positive cases were found at 13 schools. They comprised 13 students and 1 teaching staff. 1 of them is from kindergarten, 8 of them are from primary schools and 5 of them are from high schools.

A total of 9,143 patients have passed away since the beginning of fifth wave and 1 new death was reported by Health Authority. The gross mortality rate is still maintained at 0.765%.

High viral loads are detected in environmental samples in West Central.

Dr. Sara Ho from the Hospital Authority said that more than 829 patients were still being hospitalised. 1 patient was in critical condition and 1 patient was in serious condition. 2 of the patients in critical condition were currently being treated in Intensive Care Units.

A 94-year-old female patient aged over 65 passed away in the last 24 hours. She was from residential care home for the elderly and she received 2 vaccination shots.

Another 138 patients have recovered and 108 patients were discharged.

Meanwhile, no patient tested positive during admission screening today.

Meanwhile, 22,702 employees under Hospital Authority have tested positive for COVID-19. 22,558 of them have returned to work after recovering.