29-year-old married former Miss HK contestant Kayan Choi unwavering in materialistic nature, flaunts CHANEL and Hermès spoils to admirers

    Kayan Choi

    24th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Kayan Choi, who participated in the 2019 Miss Hong Kong pageant, has earned the moniker “gold-digger” due to her unapologetic love for luxury. Despite tying the knot with wealthy beau Derek last year, she continues to indulge in her materialistic tendencies. Recently, she took to social media to showcase her latest acquisitions—an impressive trio of high-end designer handbags and exquisite footwear, playfully referring to them as her “gold-digger series.”

    Choi, unable to contain her excitement, embarked on a whirlwind of lavish escapades after becoming a married woman. From skiing trips in Hokkaido to leisurely outings in Arashiyama, she celebrated her newfound status to the fullest. However, her marriage did not curb her appetite for opulence, as evidenced by her penchant for flaunting her prestigious handbag collection.

    In her online video, Choi proudly presented three designer handbags, including two from Celine and Hermès. The Celine bag was obtained through a mall’s loyalty points program, while the Hermès bag was procured through a personal shopper at a slightly higher price than its retail value of approximately HK$45,000. Additionally, she revealed her ownership of a Loro Piana handbag, which set her back HK$28,000. Furthermore, Choi showcased three pairs of exquisite CHANEL shoes, emphasising that she managed to acquire them at a discounted price of 60% off, with only one pair purchased at full price.

    The online community expressed their support for Choi’s “unapologetic indulgence”, praising her for her “shrewdness” in acquiring luxury items. Over the years, Choi has faced accusations of being a “gold-digger,” with a recent incident involving a Barbie-themed post reigniting the controversy. Some even claimed that her friends and fellow contestants, Regina Ho and Eunice Chan, had distanced themselves from Choi. Unfazed by the criticism, Choi responded with a lengthy statement, openly acknowledging her materialistic nature and asserting that she will continue to “work hard” to enhance her quality of life.