29-year-old man with massive debt in Hunan province kills four family members before committing suicide

Changsha's Kaifu district

26th May 2023 – (Changsha) In a shocking incident in Changsha’s Kaifu district, Hunan province, a family of five was found dead in their home on May 24th. The youngest victim was a three-year-old child. The local police department reported that the 29-year-old male suspect, Guo Mouying, killed his four family members due to a dispute over a high amount of debt before taking his own life.

According to local media reports, the tragedy occurred in the Wanguo Cheng community. A property staff member revealed that a friend of the family discovered the massacre after they failed to show up for work and could not be reached. The staff member also stated that the bodies had already begun to emit a foul odor, which was detected by other residents in the building.

A resident shared a screenshot of a WeChat conversation in which they discussed the case. They described how the odor had been present for two days before anyone realized what had happened. Another resident mentioned that the entire family had been killed, including a three-year-old child. A relative of Guo’s wife told reporters that the five victims were Guo, his wife and daughter, and Guo’s parents.

The relative stated that Guo’s father was a delivery driver and had not been to work for over ten days. When a colleague called him and received no response, they called Guo’s family in their hometown and were told that Guo hadnot returned. Concerned, the colleague went to Guo’s home and attempted to contact him but received no response. They eventually reported the case to the police, who discovered the gruesome scene.

However, some residents have pointed out that Guo’s wife had left him due to their marital problems and had been gone for over ten days. She had managed to escape the tragedy, while Guo and two children, as well as his parents, tragically lost their lives.

In May 2023, there have been at least ten similar cases of family tragedies or massacres reported in mainland China, resulting in at least 31 deaths and 23 injuries. These incidents have raised concerns about the prevalence of mental health issues and domestic violence in China, as well as the need for better support and resources for those struggling with debt and other financial difficulties.