29-year-old man arrested for possession of suspected counterfeit banknotes worth HK$41,000 on Jordan Road


27th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Police officers conducted an investigation that culminated in the arrest of a 29-year-old man named Ho on Jordan Road on the 26th of May. The officers searched the man and found 82 suspected counterfeit banknotes, all with a face value of 500 Hong Kong dollars, amounting to a total face value of HK$41,000. The officers arrested Ho on suspicion of “possession of counterfeit banknotes” and took him into custody for further investigation.

The law enforcement department reminded citizens that counterfeit banknotes generally have a smoother texture than genuine banknotes. Furthermore, genuine banknotes have multiple anti-counterfeiting features, including a tactile sensation, a dynamic holographic pattern in the upper right corner, and a windowed metallic thread in the middle. When the banknote is moved slightly, the holographic pattern also moves. The department also noted that fraudsters usually use counterfeit banknotes in places where transactions are frequent, such as convenience stores or public transportation, and mix them with genuine banknotes. Therefore, citizens should be cautious and carefully check the anti-counterfeiting features when redeeming banknotes.