29-year-old Ferrari driver tailed by 2 cars on Repulse Bay Road, 2 arrested


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) At about midnight today (14), a man named Chan (29 years old) was driving a Ferrari along Repulse Bay Road in the southern district of Hong Kong Island. During this period, two private cars were found suspected to be tailing him. He called the police for help and he continued to talk with the police.

The police immediately deployed a number of police cars to pursue, and then locked one of the suspicious private cars. The private car drove through the Cross-Harbour Tunnel towards Kowloon, and was stopped by a police car at a roundabout near off Harbour Plaza Metropolis about 13 kilometres away from the reporting location.

Two police officers armed with MP5 submachine guns and sidearms got off the car and mounted their guns on both sides of the private car, ordering the two men in the private car to get off the car and be investigated. The two did not resist, raised their hands and got off the car, and were immediately subdued by the police. Police dogs were also called out and found an axe, a flashlight about 40 cm long and a hammer in the boot of the private car. After initial investigation, the police arrested a male driver of the private car surnamed Lam (32 years old) and a male passenger surnamed Lee (17 years old) on suspicion of “possession of offensive weapons.” The Criminal Investigation Team of the Kowloon City Police District took over the case and is further investigating the use of the weapons and is looking for another male driver of a suspicious private car. The Ferrari driver who reported the incident also went to the police station to assist in the investigation.

It is reported that the 29-year-old male driver surnamed Chan and the 28-year-old female passenger surnamed Chung reported as businessman and ex-model respectively and the two reported to live in a unit in The Lily, a luxury apartment in Repulse Bay. The two arrested men were triad members. The police are investigating whether the incident involved kidnapping and extortion. They are tracking the identities of the male and female victims and the arrested persons to find out whether they are involved in private or financial disputes. At the same time, another pink Mercedes involved in the case is still being pursued.