28,883 local COVID-19 cases reported in the Mainland with 8,811 new cases were reported in Guangdong Province


23rd November 2022 – (Guangzhou) The National Health Commission announced on Wednesday (23rd) that there were 28,883 new local COVID-19 cases in the Mainland two days ago. 8,811 new cases were reported in Guangdong Province in a single day, of which 8,457 were found in Guangzhou. The local authority at Haizhu District issued a notice late at night on Tuesday (22nd) that due to the severe epidemic situation, the enhanced prevention and control measures originally scheduled to end at midnight yesterday will be extended to 12 midnight next Sunday (27th).

Meanwhile, there were 1,486 new local cases in Beijing, of which 290 were detected in social screening. The Beijing Municipal Health Commission reminded all industries and units on Wednesday to strengthen the dynamic management of personnel, further reduce the rate of on-duty staff, and decrease unit gathering activities; at the same time, it called on citizens to reduce unnecessary outings, refrain from gatherings, and refrain from going to crowded places.