28-year-old popular Chinese influencer succumbs to cancer


    25th February 2024 – (Shanghai) “Feifei”, a a popular cancer-fighting Chinese blogger with 70,000 followers, tragically passed away at the age of 28 after battling cancer. Her grieving mother released a statement announcing the news, saying, “My daughter Feifei left us on February 20. Life only gives us one chance, so take care of your health and undergo regular check-ups.”

    On the 12th day before her passing, Feifei made her final appearance, visibly weak and frail. She expressed her determination, saying, “Even if the pain becomes unbearable, I will continue to persevere,” but little did she know that her resolve would eventually succumb to the relentless disease. In the unveiled footage, Feifei struggled to utter a complete sentence, and her facial features had significantly changed. She disclosed experiencing dizziness and swelling in her head, indicating a grave state of health.

    Feifei had a deep passion for the esports industry, which led her to become an outstanding esports coach at an early stage of her career. She shared her personal experiences to advise her followers, highlighting the immense pressure in the esports industry. She revealed that staying up late, often past midnight, was a common occurrence due to the demanding nature of the profession. Coupled with irregular eating habits, frequent takeout meals, and alcohol consumption, Feifei unfortunately developed health issues. Eventually, she received a late-stage kidney cancer diagnosis, accompanied by bone metastasis.