28-year-old Hong Kong man earning HK$30,000 per month offered HK$10,000 raise to work as a “pioneer” in India

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4th March 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 28-year-old Hong Kong man earning a monthly salary of HK$30,000 recently sought advice from netizens as his company proposed a HK$10,000 raise in exchange for him working as a “pioneer” in India to help expand the company’s operations in the country. He expressed his dilemma and asked for opinions on the matter.

The young man, who currently earns $30,000 per month, took to the local Facebook page to share his situation. He revealed that his company is planning to venture into the Indian market and is in need of employees to work as “pioneers” in India. To entice him, the company is offering a HK$10,000 salary increase, along with accommodation and other incentives. The original poster, who is currently single and without family commitments, is uncertain about making a decision and sought the advice of netizens, asking whether he should take up the offer.

Opinions among netizens were divided, with some considering the salary increase insufficient and not worth the effort of being a “pioneer” in India. One netizen commented, “A mere HK$10,000 raise is not attractive. It would be worth considering if it were doubled,” while another said, “No, because even with the increase, it would still be insufficient to cover medical expenses.” Some also raised concerns about healthcare coverage and the overall package, stating, “You should also consider the medical benefits on that side. A HK$10,000 raise is too little.”

However, there were netizens who supported the young man’s decision to go to India, considering it a valuable opportunity. They emphasized the rarity of gaining such relevant experience and suggested that he seize the chance. One netizen advised, “Go for it! It’s an opportunity to take risks while you’re still young. Staying here is meaningless. This could be your way out,” while another encouraged him to carefully evaluate the company’s package and support, saying, “Having the chance to go abroad is a good thing, but make sure you fully understand the package and support provided by the company.” Some also highlighted the difficulty of finding a job in Hong Kong that offers an instant HK$10,000 increase, stating, “Even though HK$10,000 may not be a significant amount, consider the fact that in Hong Kong, finding a job that offers an extra HK$10,000 is not easy.”