28-year-old Hong Kong man battling terminal cancer, donated HK$800,000, faces worsening condition as liver enlarges

Gabriel Yeung

20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Gabriel Yeung Ka-piu, a 28-year-old Hong Kong resident diagnosed with terminal cancer, made a generous donation of HK$800,000 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation Hong Kong last year. Gabriel, a graduate of the University of Hong Kong, expressed his belief that young cancer patients deserve a chance to experience a happy childhood, despite their challenging circumstances.

Recently, Gabriel took to social media to share an update on his condition, revealing that his health has been deteriorating since the end of January. He now experiences daily liver pain, frequent nausea, occasional vomiting, and a persistent fever. The toll of cancer has also taken a toll on his physical strength, leaving him weaker than before. Despite these hardships, Gabriel remains determined to find moments of joy amidst the pain and discomfort.

Gabriel’s tumour has caused his liver to enlarge significantly, resulting in daily bouts of pain. However, he has found temporary relief through medication. Nausea and vomiting have become frequent companions, and his appetite fluctuates. Additionally, the cancer has caused him to experience fevers and a decline in overall physical stamina. Consequently, he rarely leaves his home, except for necessary trips downstairs.

Acknowledging the difficulties he faces, Gabriel understands that constant happiness is an unrealistic expectation. Instead, he strives to redirect his focus away from his pain and maximise moments of relief. For instance, he indulges in larger meals during periods when his appetite is better, cherishing the moments when he feels no discomfort.

Gabriel Yeung Ka-piu shared a photo from last year when he was on a hospital bed and had almost no hair.