28-year-old Gabriel Yeung, known for his generosity and courageous cancer fight, passes away surrounded by loved ones

Gabriel Yeung

23rd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Gabriel Yeung, a 28-year-old from Hong Kong, whose life was marked by both a fierce battle against terminal cancer and a profound generosity, passed away surrounded by family, just before Easter. Today, friends and family announced on his social media that Gabriel passed away in late March, just before Easter, surrounded by loved ones. They have since held a simple ceremony in his honour.

Gabriel, a former investment banker and a University of Hong Kong alumnus, had been diagnosed with advanced stages of stomach and liver cancer. Despite the prognosis and the grueling treatments that stripped away much of his physical strength, Gabriel’s resolve to make a meaningful difference remained undeterred.

In a heartfelt gesture that underscored his enduring spirit, Gabriel donated HK$800,000 to the Children’s Cancer Foundation in Hong Kong. His donation was both a message of hope and a practical aid aimed at alleviating the suffering of young cancer patients. “These children deserve a happy childhood just like any other child. That is why I decided to support them as much as I could,” Gabriel had stated, reflecting on his decision.

The foundation, overwhelmed by his generosity, expressed deep gratitude. According to Vera Chin Ching-lan, CEO of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Gabriel’s donation will significantly subsidize the cost of treatments not covered under the regular medical schemes, providing relief to about six to ten children annually. This contribution is particularly crucial for medications like apatinib and alectinib, used in treating tough cases of neuroblastoma and lymphoma respectively.

Gabriel’s personal battle with cancer was marked by moments of intense struggle, where chemotherapy sessions left him devoid of basic dignities. Yet, his resilience shone through. He often shared how the support from friends, family, and even his favorite football club, Everton, provided him with much-needed emotional sustenance. His social media platforms turned into a rallying point where messages of support and gratitude poured in, painting a picture of a community knit together in solidarity.

His fiancée, Christine Kwok, remembered him as “the bravest and kindest person” she knew, whose influence extended far beyond his immediate circle, inspiring other cancer patients to maintain hope and strength.