27-year-old Thai national who is also a Hong Kong resident found murdered in luxury London home

Kamonnan Thiamphanit

15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) On 8th April, Kamonnan Thiamphanit, a 27-year-old Thai woman who was also a Hong Kong resident, was found fatally stabbed in her luxurious London apartment. The incident, which occurred in the upscale Westminster area near Hyde Park, marks the fourth murder in London within a span of three weeks, intensifying concerns over citywide violence.

Thiamphanit, also known affectionately as Angela by her friends, had been living and working in London. According to the Metropolitan Police, a distress call was made by a friend of Angela’s on the evening of 7th April, expressing concerns for her safety. Initially categorized as a medium-risk missing person, the situation escalated rapidly, leading to police forcibly entering her residence the following morning and discovering her body with multiple stab wounds.

An autopsy conducted later confirmed that the cause of death was due to sharp force trauma. While the police have launched an extensive investigation, they suggest that the perpetrator might have been an acquaintance of Angela, indicating a possible personal motive behind the heinous act.

The murder has triggered a wave of fear and apprehension among the local community, particularly as it follows closely on the heels of other recent violent incidents in the city. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan expressed his deep sorrow over the incident and emphasized that tackling violence, especially that directed towards women and girls, remains a top priority for the city’s administration.