27-year-old heroic man in Taichung Metro slashing incident, reveals injuries with two prominent facial scars


29th May 2024 – (Taipei) On the 21st of May, a random attack occurred on a Taipei Metro train, leaving two passengers injured. Among them was a 27-year-old man, surnamed Hsu, who bravely intervened to subdue the assailant and prevent further harm. However, in the process, he sustained injuries to his face.

Recently, on the 26th of May, Hsu took to Instagram to share an update on his condition. In a heartwarming post, he expressed his joy, saying, “Today, I finally had some cream puffs.” Accompanying the message were photos revealing the extent of his injuries.

The images depict Hsu with two long scars on his face. One scar starts from the corner of his right eye and extends down his right cheek to his jawline, while the other runs from his philtrum, cutting across his lips and reaching his chin. The scars are intricately stitched together, forming a visible reminder of his courageous act.

Hsu further revealed in his post that he is scheduled to have the stitches removed on the following day, the 27th of May, indicating progress in his recovery journey.

Netizens who shared screenshots of Hsu’s Instagram post expressed their admiration and support. Many were struck by the number of stitches visible in the photos, estimating it to be around forty to fifty. They expressed relief that his eyes were unharmed and sent well wishes for his swift recovery. Messages poured in from individuals inspired by his bravery, with sentiments such as “Wishing the hero a speedy recovery,” “Blessings from above,” and hopes that his scars would fade with time.