27 year old Chinese female doctor saves man who falls unconscious on Qantas flight from Sydney to London


A 27 year old Chinese female doctor who works at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney saved a passenger’s life who fell into coma during a Qantas flight from Sydney to London on 29th January. Her swift action saved the plane from u-turning back to Sydney and in return, the airline company rewarded her with 30,000 air miles and other gifts.

The 50 year old male passenger had diarrhoea and vomiting when the plane took off from Singapore during transit to London. His condition worsened after falling unconscious during the flight. Cabin crew then broadcasted over the intercom to seek medical experts on board to attend to the situation. The female doctor then volunteered to check his pulse rate, communicated with doctors on ground before administering drugs via injection to help him regain consciousness. He then rested for 3 hours before being sent to hospital in London upon arrival.

The CEO and CFO of Qantas Airlines who happened to be on board of the flight thanked the female doctor relentlessly for saving the airline the hassle to return to Singapore. She was bombarded with champagnes, VIP card and the pilot even invited her to the cockpit to take pictures.