26 COVID-19 cases expected today as epidemic situation worsens in HK, sources (Updated: 12.40pm)


20th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) The COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong has shown signs of rebound in recent days. Sources confirmed today that there were 26 new COVID-19 cases as of 12am. At least 21 of the new cases were linked with the dance club cluster and staycation. It is expected that the Centre for Health Protection will set up an epidemic press conference at 4.30pm later to explain the details. There are also another 30 preliminary cases reported. today.

The cases recorded today are the most in the last 3 months.

Among the cases with unknown sources announced yesterday (20th), there was a suspected outbreak in a dance club in Wan Chai that the patient had visited. At least 1 person was diagnosed and 5 people were preliminarily diagnosed. Dr. Yuen Kwok-yung, microbiologist, physician and surgeon from University of Hong Kong said that because dancing is an activity that is practised in close proximity, the participants belong to the “very high-risk group.” He believes that the government should consider controlling it well, otherwise there may be more outbreaks soon.

The fourth wave of the epidemic seems to have begun, according to Dr.Yuen. It is estimated that the source was imported from Nepal. Dr.Yuen thinks that there is a need to strengthen anti-epidemic measures at border. It is recommended that people arriving in Hong Kong with symptoms need to be quarantined at home for another 7 days after the mandatory quarantine on the 14th.

The Christmas holiday is approaching, and a large number of international students are expected to return to Hong Kong, including areas with high risk of the epidemic. He believes that it is necessary to strengthen entry prevention measures and extend the quarantine period for arrivals to stop transmission in the community. He also pointed out that according to the latest test numbers, the positive rate found at the airport was 0.35%, but for private doctors, the positive rate was as high as 0.72% to 0.8%, which was higher than the airport. He emphasised that the current epidemic prevention measures have loopholes. He continued that there are sporadic cases in various districts in Hong Kong, and high-risk places such as bars have triggered many confirmed cases, and he believes that the government has failed in tightening measures. The government should be more stringent in controlling high-risk points such as dance clubs, hotels and bars.

As of yesterday (19th), a total of 5,492 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong. Dr.Wong Ka-hing from the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health, revealed yesterday that there were about 20 preliminary cases, most of which were local cases of unknown origin. The patients came from different districts and it shows that the epidemic may rebound rapidly. He called on the public to reduce unnecessary outings and gatherings, and try to make use of the testing services provided by the government to prevent the epidemic from getting worse.