250 COVID-19 cases including 34 imported cases reported in HK today, more cases involving Omicron sub-lineages discovered


24th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Dr. Albert Au from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health announced at 4.30pm today that there were 250 COVID-19 cases today comprising 89 confirmed via nucleic acid tests and 161 cases confirmed via Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) online declaration platform. 

34 of the cases were imported today. 24 of them were tested positive at temporary sampling stations at airport while 6 of the cases tested positive at designated quarantine hotels. The cases arrived from Thailand, U.K. U.S, Canada, Taiwan, France, Singapore, Germany, Turkey, Green, Australia, Malaysia and Denmark. There is one local cargo crew member who received 3 vaccinations earlier tested positive for COVID-19 during a closed-loop management after returning from India.

Among the newly 89 confirmed cases via nucleic acid tests today, 12 were confirmed by the Hospital Authority, another 12 were confirmed by the Public Health Laboratory Service of the Department of Health and the remaining 65 were directly confirmed by private laboratories or community testing centres.

A total of 1,198,205 COVID-19 cases have been recorded since the beginning of the fifth wave.

Among the 95 cases tested, there was no case that involved Delta variant and 92 of them tested positive for Omicron variant. 3 of them could not be determined due to low viral low.

8 cases involving Omicron sub-lineage BA. were discovered during genome sequencing. 4 of them were imported cases and 4 of them were local cases. 4 of them received 3 vaccination shots. A total of 64 cases involving Omicron sub-lineage BA. have been reported in Hong Kong so far.

Another 18-year-old man vaccinated with 3 shots who returned from U.S. tested positive for Omicron sub-lineage BA.2.12. A total of 11 cases involving Omicron sub-lineage BA.2.12 have been reported in Hong Kong so far.

An imported case involving 21-year-old woman who arrived from Switzerland has tested positive for Omicron sub-lineage BA.4. So far, a total of 12 cases involving Omicron sub-lineage BA.4 have been recorded in Hong Kong.

Another 46-year-old man who arrived from U.S. was infected with Omicron sub-lineage BA.5. A total of 3 cases involving Omicron sub-lineage BA.5 have been discovered in Hong Kong so far.

No new cases were found in residential care homes and 18 (16 students and 2 teaching staff) more new cases were recorded in 13 schools today. 4 students tested positive at St. Catherine International Kindergarten and Nursery.

A total of 9,157 patients have passed away since the beginning of fifth wave and no new deaths were reported by Health Authority yesterday. The gross mortality rate is still maintained at 0.765%.

2 cases who tested positive at community testing centres were linked to Lan Kwai Fong Hotel in Kau U Fong earlier. 1 new case involving a police officer who lives in Chai Wan Police Married Quarters  has been confirmed to be linked to the 2 cases. He visited a 65-year-old man who was infected earlier. He visited Central Library and his work place.

3 more new cases from the same family including a 33-month-old baby and a foreign domestic helper were linked to cluster outbreak at McDonald’s in Cityplaza Phase 3. The baby’s mother tested positive on 17th May but did not visit McDonald’s.

Dr. Larry Lee from the Hospital Authority said that more than 484 patients were still being hospitalised. 1 new patient vaccinated with 3 shots was in critical condition and 1 new patient was in serious condition.

No patients passed away yesterday. Another 63 patients have recovered and 42 patients were discharged.

Meanwhile, 23,033 employees under Hospital Authority have tested positive for COVID-19. 22,978 of them have returned to work after recovering.