25-year-old food delivery worker in HK earns HK$50,000 monthly, working 10 hours a day


22nd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a recent interview conducted by mainland Chinese internet influencer, a 25-year-old mainland Chinese man working as a food delivery rider in Hong Kong shared his experiences. Bin, revealed that despite the challenging nature of his job and the toll it takes on his body, there is one aspect of food delivery that surpasses other professions.

Bin, hailing from Haifeng in Shanwei, has been striving in Hong Kong for eight years. He spends an average of 10 hours per day delivering food on his bicycle. The compensation for each delivery varies based on the distance travelled, ranging from HK$25 to HK$62. As a result, he can earn up to HK$50,000 per month, surpassing the income of many office clerks.

Even during rainy days, Bin’s delivery efficiency reaches its peak. He can complete as many as seven deliveries within an hour, earning nearly HK$200 during that time. However, he admits that dealing with orders during heavy rain or typhoons is the most troublesome and physically demanding. Drenched from head to toe, he often finds his phone struggling to charge due to the rain. Moreover, the constant biking has taken a toll on his knees, necessitating the application of pain relief medication after each shift.

Despite the challenges, Bin finds great joy in the freedom his job offers. He can manage his time as he pleases, deciding when to work or take a break. The most significant factor is the direct correlation between effort and income. He firmly believes that hard work leads to financial success. Consequently, he rarely takes time off, dedicating every moment to earning money.

When asked about his educational background, Bin disclosed that he only completed junior high school. Due to financial constraints, his parents encouraged him to “study a little more.” However, he lacked interest in academic pursuits and chose to venture out early. Reflecting on his decision, he admits to some regrets about not pursuing further education. Acquiring knowledge, he realises, can lead to faster financial gains. Although food delivery currently brings him more income, it also entails greater physical strain.