25 of 40 complaints on default of MPF contributions by outsourced employees of Penny’s Bay CIF caused by incomplete forms


7th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) Labor disputes erupted at the community isolation facility in Penny’s Bay. The contractor has laid off 1,207 employees, and the last day to work has been brought forward to 12th of this month instead of 30th. Affected employees are not only concerned about issues such as allowances and contract deadlines, but some employees also claim that the employer is in arrears of MPF contributions.

The MPFA responded that it had received a total of about 40 complaints about the default of MPF contributions by the contractor, China Overseas Property Services Limited. Investigation revealed that the company had failed to complete the opening forms of MPF accounts for the employees concerned, of which 25 cases have been rectified and contributions have been deposited into the relevant accounts, while the remaining complaints are still under investigation.