24-year-old Chinese man spends all his savings to pay down payment for a new 106sqm apartment and moves into the empty unit


22nd November 2022 – (Xi’an) A 24-year-old man from the Mainland recently returned to his hometown of Xi’an from Shanghai and spent all his savings to buy a 106-square-meter apartment. According to local media report, the man uploaded more than 10 videos on his social media showing him living in an empty unit.

As can be seen from the video, there is no floor tiles in the unit, let alone a sofa and other furniture, only a simple bed. The man said that he had worked in Shanghai for 4 years. At that time, the company provided food and housing, so he saved all his salary and planned to buy a property. In 2021, he returned to his hometown of Xi’an from Shanghai and bought a 106-square-meter commercial house, but after paying the down payment of 400,000 yuan (about HK$440,000), he only had a few hundred yuan left in his wallet . The man mentioned that he took over the unit in September this year, and moved in two weeks after handover. He is now working in a hotel in Xi’an, and the monthly mortgage is nearly 7,000 yuan (about 7,700 Hong Kong dollars).

The man said that when he first moved in, there was only a basic toilet in the unit but the toilet was renovated later, and he can go to the toilet normally now. “I spent a few hundred dollars to buy the simplest bed and there is no heating in winter, so I can only cover myself with a few more quilts to keep warm.” The man also said that his building has 32 floors, with 4 households on each floor, and he is the only one in the whole building at night.