24 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in HK, adding to total tally of 411, 2 more linked to INSOMNIA BAR in LKF (Updated : 8pm)


25th March 2020 – (Hong Kong) Dr. Chuang Tsuk Kwan from Centre of Health Protection announced today that there are 24 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, adding the total tally to 411 cases. The patients include 13 men and 11 women, aged between 11 and 57. Among them, 19 have travelled abroad and 6 are international students. The confirmed cases included 1 pilot, 2 additional members of the Lan Kwai Fong Musicians cluster, and 1 additional member of the Cheung Lung Industrial Building in Cheung Sha Wan.

Five of the newly infected have not travelled overseas.

The 388th case is a 36-year-old man whose source of infection is still unknown. He developed cough on 22nd March before being admitted to United Christian Hospital for treatment.

389th case is a 43-year-old band member who works at Insomnia bar and several other bars in LKF and Wan Chai. He developed symptoms fever and headache on 21st March and he is being treated at Tuen Mun Hospital.

390th patient is a 30-year-old woman who visited Switzerland. She developed fever, cough, sore throat and diarrhoea on 22nd March during home quarantine. She is being treated at Ruttonjee Hospital.

392nd patient is a 33-year-old air stewardess who visited Bali. She developed fever on 20th March and she is being treated at Yan Chai Hospital.

393rd patient is an 18-year-old woman who visited the U.S. She developed cough on 12th March and she is being treated at Prince of Wales Hospital.

394th patient is a waiter at Insomnia bar in LKF. He developed cough and sore throat on 10th March.

395th case is a 29-year-old woman who visited Thailand before developing headache on 21st March.

396th case is a 28-year-old man who visited London, Dubai and New Dehli. He is linked to 354th case.

397th case is a 48-year-old woman who visited Bulgaria and Turkey. She developed cough and sore throat on 22nd March.

398th case is a 16-year-old teenage boy who visited U.K. and Dubai who developed sore throat on 23rd March during home quarantine.

399th case is a 21-year-old woman who studies in Germany. She developed fever on 9th March and returned to Hong Kong on 21st March. She is being treated at United Christian Hospital.

400th patient is a pilot who has not been flying for a year, but has visited the Insomnia bar where several musicians and a waitress have tested positive. The patient also visited ALL NIGHT LONG bar in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In addition, Dr.Chuang pointed out that the department continued to conduct deep throat saliva sample tests for foreign arrivals yesterday (24th), and believed that the measures were carried out smoothly. The tests were also carried out on returning passengers from Europe and the United States, and she urged quarantined persons not to go out.

A female police officer also tested positive in preliminary diagnosis. The 22-year-old police officer was admitted to Caritas Medical Centre on 24th March. She developed fever and diarrhoea and she is now in stable condition. She did not have symptoms of pneumonia.

Another 25-year-old female video editor of NOW TV similarly tested positive in preliminary diagnosis. The 325th case is a staff who works at Wu Chung House on Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai. The office has since been disinfected.

Another 2 preliminary cases involve the same family i.e. an 11-year-old foreign boy and his 51-year-old mother who returned from overseas via Singapore to Hong Kong. Their domestic helper has tested positive.

 As at noon today, public hospitals had reported to the Department of Health the admission of 199 patients (95 male and 104 female, aged five months to 76 years) in the past 24 hours who met the reporting criteria of COVID-19. Appropriate tests have been arranged for the patients.

There are 469 patients under isolation currently. So far, 106 patients who had COVID-19 confirmed or probable infections have been discharged upon recovery.

From 20th March to 9pm today, 370 and 87 travellers have been referred to the test centres at the AsiaWorld-Expo and North Lantau Hospital respectively for COVID-19 viral test. So far, 397 travellers have negative test results for COVID-19 and have returned to their residence to continue the 14-day home quarantine.
Preliminary positive test results will be further confirmed by the Department of Health and announced as confirmed cases in due course.

Source: CHP