2,363 people arrested since June, 77 arrested under the new anti-mask law, 200 shops and public amenities damaged


8th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong police held a media conference this afternoon. Regional Commander of New Territories North Kwok Yam-yung, Acting Chief Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung of Police Public Relations Branch, Senior Superintendent Ng Cheuk-hang of Crime Wing Headquarters, Senior Superintendent Wong Wai-shun of Operations Wing and Senior Superintendent Chan Chi-yung of Information Systems Wing gave briefing to the media reporters.

Police expressed that since June till now, a total of 2,363 people were arrested including 1,847 men and 516 women aged between 12-83 years old. From 4th To 7th October, police arrested 241 protesters including 170 men and 71 women aged between 12-54 years old for participating in illegal assemblies, possession of offensive weapons. A total of 77 protesters were arrested under the new anti-mask law (50 men and 27 women). There were a total of 200 shops and public amenities destroyed by radical protesters, 40 of which were MTR and Light Rail Stations. 100 shops, offices of Legislative Councillors, government buildings and banks were damaged. Furthermore, over 80 traffic lights were destroyed. The rioters were described as more violent and they were highly organised. Protesters targeted police officers with malicious intent and they repetitively attacked them with deadly weapons, passerby and reporters were also injured in the process. Some people took advantage of the damages caused to shops and looted valuables.

Meanwhile, some reporters wore masks during the media conference to express discontent over an incident where a journalist was forced to remove his mask during protest by police. Police addressed the issue by saying that the force needs more time to adapt to the new law and they promised to give more guidelines and training to their officers.