23-year-old unemployed man sentenced to 30 months in jail for forcing a 15-year-old girl to be his sex slave


1st December 2022 – (Hong Kong) A 23-year-old unemployed man met a 15-year-old female netizen three years ago. The two quickly became a couple, and they broke up after less than a month. The man then used the nude photos of the female netizen and threatened hern to be his sex slave until she was 28 years old. He also forced her to come to his apartment after school to give him oral sex and lick his feet. When the victim asked him to delete the photos, the man extorted more than HK$10,000, plus the clause of having sex 4 times a month. The man involved in the case was finally arrested and charged with 2 counts of forcing persons under the age of 16 to produce pornography, extortion, indecent assault and criminal intimidation.

The judge sentenced the defendant today and reprimanded him for what he did to the victim, which was a serious and humiliating violation. He did not think that he committed the crime impulsively, but carefully plotted to exploit the young victim. The case is serious and the court must punish him and he was finally sentenced to 30 months in prison.