23-year-old asymptomatic male student studying in Portugal becomes 49th confirmed case in Macau


8th April 2021 – (Macau) Macau, where the COVID-19 epidemic has eased for a long time, added a confirmed imported case yesterday (7th). The Novel Coronavirus Infection  Response and Coordination Centre stated that the patient was a 23-year-old male student studying in Portugal who claimed to have never contracted COVID-19 virus nor vaccinated. He stayed in the dormitory for several months before departure and had no contact with confirmed cases. He had no upper respiratory symptoms or discomfort and his current condition is normal. He has been arranged to Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário for isolation treatment. As the patient was diagnosed for the first time in Macau, so he was listed as an imported case and the 49th confirmed case in Macau.

The patient departed from Lisbon this Sunday (4th) and transited via Paris and Taoyuan, Taiwan. During this period, he was tested for the virus twice and arrived in Macau on EVA flight BR801 yesterday and his seat number was 52C. The antibody test showed that he was positive COVID-19 when he arrived in Macau. After the assessment by the authorities, the patient was considered to be asymptomatic and likely to have a second infection.

In addition, another 17-year-old male student studying in the U.K. was also tested to have antibodies. He claimed that he had not been vaccinated against COVID-19. The student departed from London on 6th April and also transited in Paris and Taoyuan, Taiwan. He took the same flight with the Portuguese student to Macau and his seat number was 52G. The British international student has undergone virus testing twice a week in the past one month, and no confirmed diagnosis has been found. He also had normal classes and activities at school without any symptoms of discomfort. As for the remaining 13 residents who departed from Europe and the United States and arrived in Macau via Taipei yesterday, all have passed the virus and antibody tests.