23% of Hongkongers have no intention to be vaccinated – survey


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government is preparing a vaccination plan for all residents. Hong Kong Research Association conducted a public opinion survey recently which shows that 23% of Hong Kong people have no intention of receiving vaccination, while nearly 50% said that the reason for refusing vaccination was because they have doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccine. 11% have not decided.

The Hong Kong Research Association interviewed 1,115 Hong Kong people over the age of 18 from the 8th to the 13th of this month. It was found that 23% said that most of them would not get vaccinated, and 47% said they doubted the effectiveness of the vaccine and therefore would not get vaccinated. But if the data finally show that the vaccine has no side effects, 27% of them would be willing to be vaccinated.

If they were to choose the type of vaccine, 39% said that the most important factor is the severity and probability of side effects, followed by the protective effect, accounting for 26%. The person in charge of the association urged the government to closely monitor the effectiveness, side effects of vaccines and other important data to increase the transparency of relevant information. Government departments should actively use different channels to help citizens fully grasp vaccine information so as to increase their confidence and willingness to vaccinate.