22 out of 40 baby body lotions found to contain fragrance allergens by Consumer Council

Aveeno Baby

15th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Consumer Council tested 40 baby body lotions on the market and found that 55 percent (22 samples) of the samples were found to contain fragrance allergens. Among them, the 1 sample with the highest total amount of fragrance allergens, “Aveeno Baby” was found to contain HICC, which is banned in the EU and has a high allergenicity. It contains a total of 0.45% of allergenic substances.

In addition, linalool/limonene was detected in 9 samples with lavender scent or related ingredients. It can form highly allergenic substances after oxidation.

The Consumer Council tested 40 types of body moisturisers for infants and young children, and conducted tests, covering the contents of fragrance allergens, artificial musk substances, free formaldehyde, and paraben preservatives. At the same time, the sample package label information was reviewed.The test found that 22 samples were detected with fragrance allergens, and 10 samples were detected with 3 to 10 fragrance allergens. Among them, the 2 samples with the most types of fragrance allergens did not label all relevant substances. The Consumer Council pointed out that although the total amount of allergens detected in each sample is generally low, the risk is still there if used daily for long term. Among the eight samples, the total amount of fragrance allergens was relatively high, ranging from about 0.13% to 0.45%