21 people fall into the sea after boat capsized off Ham Tin Wan in Sai Kung


20th February 2021 – (Hong Kong) At about 12pm today (20th), when a small boat was passing about 20 metres off Ham Tin Wan in Sai Kung, it capsized after being hit by a huge wave. 10 men and 11 women (4 to 55 years old) were on board with the boat owner. As a result, all of them fell into the sea. Fortunately, the location of the incident was close to the shore and they managed to swim to the shore.

The police arrived at the scene and found that everyone was generally unharmed, but one of the 38-year-old foreign women suffered minor injuries to her foot and had to be sent to hospital by helicopter for treatment. The incident was handed over to relevant departments for follow-up.