20,355 children participated in 2023 Primary One Central Allocation, results out next week

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1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Education Bureau (EDB) has announced that the results of the Central Allocation for Primary One Admission (POA) 2023 will be mailed to parents from next Wednesday to Thursday (7th to 8th June). The EDB spokesperson announced that a total of 20,355 children participated in the Primary One Central Allocation 2023, with 16,688 children allocated to schools of their first three choices. The overall satisfaction rate was 91.2%, taking into account discretionary places and the number of children allocated to schools of their first three choices in the Central Allocation.

The Central Allocation of POA is divided into two parts. Ten percent of the places for the Central Allocation, which are not restricted by school nets, are under Part A, and parents may choose up to three schools in any school net. The remaining 90 percent of the places for the Central Allocation are under Part B, and parents are required to select schools in the school net/Choice of Schools List in respect of the applicant child. Of the places allocated to children in the Central Allocation, 2,284 are under Part A, and 18,071 are under Part B.

Parents who completed the Choice of Schools Form for the Central Allocation on or before February 5 this year will receive the Primary One Registration Form delivered from 7th to 8th June through the Local CourierPost service provided by Hongkong Post. If door delivery by Hongkong Post fails, a Mail Collection Notification Card will be left for parents to collect it from the designated post office starting from the afternoon of the following working day. If parents have not received the Primary One Registration Form or the Mail Collection Notification Card issued by Hongkong Post by 9th June they could collect the Primary One Registration Form at the designated collection centre from 10th to 11th June.

Parents who have provided a mobile phone number on the Choice of Schools Form and indicated their consent to receive the Central Allocation results via the mobile phone number will also receive the results of their applicant children via SMS on 7th June. In addition, parents who have already activated their POA e-Platform (ePOA) account via “iAM Smart” or “iAM Smart+” could check the Central Allocation results through the ePOA from 10am on 7th June.

The EDB will assign time slots for parents to register with the allocated school on 13th June (Tuesday) or 14th June (Wednesday) according to the last digit of the applicant child’s POA application number. Parents are requested to complete the registration formalities within the specified date and time as listed on the Arrangements on Registration attached to the Primary One Registration Form. Parents who cannot proceed with the registration within the specified date and time may register on 15th June (Thursday), from 9am to noon or 2pm to 4pm.

The EDB has made special arrangements for parents of applicant children on the Mainland or overseas. These parents can authorise a representative to register with the school on their behalf on the specified registration dates. The EDB has already informed all parents of applicant children concerned about the special arrangements.

For parents who decide to give up the place allocated due to special circumstances, such as moving to another school net far from the school allocated, they should not register their child with the school allocated. Under such circumstances, they are advised to go to the EDB’s School Places Allocation Section to make necessary arrangements for transfer. They should bring along the Primary One Registration Form, the original and copies of documents showing proof of the new address (such as a rental contract, rates demand notes, or water or electricity bills bearing the name of the parent or the guardian of the child).

Any parent who finds it necessary to transfer his/her child to another school after registration is strongly advised to obtain an assurance of acceptance from that school before retrieving the Primary One Registration Form from the original school because retrieval of the registration form means cancellation of the allocated school place.

In case of inclement weather or other special circumstances during the period for the announcement of results or on any day(s) designated for registration, parents should pay attention to announcements on radio and television for special arrangements for Central Allocation or registration.

Overall, the announcement of the Central Allocation results is a crucial time for parents and their children, as it determines the school where the child will spend their primary education years. The EDB has made arrangements to ensure a smooth process for parents to register their children in their allocated schools. Parents are advised to pay attention to the dates and times for registration and to contact the EDB for any questions or concerns.